Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Custom Sports Pendants and More...

Welcome to my very first blog. My name is Stephcann2. I am the designer for Second to None Creations. I specialize in hand-made custom sports pendants. I recently opened a shop on http://www.stephcann2.etsy.com and am currently in the process of marketing my product on Facebook and http://www.twitter.com/stephcann1and2. Promoting my product has become harder than I thought it would be, I never imaged how hard it would be not only to design a product that would appeal to most people but how difficult it would be to market it. I am by no means computer savoy, yet I found in order to promote my website to it fullest potential I would have to learn and quickly. I began to ask questions to any and everyone that would take the five minutes to teach me ( primarily my teenage son) and before long I started to Face Book and Twitter like the rest of them. Most nights I find myself frustrated however, I am dedicated to pursuing this to my fullest potential in the hopes that http://www.stephcann2.etsy.com will become everyone's go to shop for their game day accessories. I started making beaded jewelry almost ten years ago mostly for Christmas gifts to family and friends, but soon discovered it was something I really enjoyed doing. I dabbled in a few craft shows here and there but nothing serious. Soon my passion fell prey to that most common of roadblocks: insecurity. I began to question myself, did I have what it takes to sell to a larger audience? Could I get it going enough to count on it as a second income? especially in a failing economy. Unsure of my ability my gems became buried in the bottom of a hobby closet. I forgot about the joy it once gave me to create something and hear everyone rave about how great it was, In my mind I would fail if I invested to much time and money into something people could only want or have so much of. Before long a few years past and beading was a distant memory. I got into antique glassware and spent most of my weekends searching for treasures in local antique shops and flea markets. It seemed that no matter where I turned someone, somewhere, was selling jewelry. Feeling a bit judgmental towards other designers and partial to my own work I ask my husband his honest opinion, was my jewelry just as good if not better than that of the people we come across? Of course it is he assured me, yet I wasn't sure if I should pursue it once more. Over the next few weeks I thought long and hard about my decision. What was holding me back, did I have the time, was it money? how affordable would it be to restock the supplies? I could not think of a single negative, so like a child rummaging through a hope chest I retrieved my favorite past time from the hobby closet it became buried in so long ago. It had been years since I designed something, what was in style now? Unsure I began to flip through fashion magazines to get a better idea. I soon realized that beading had became HUGE!!! Once upon a time there was no competition, now everyone was doing it. How could I compete with that? Jewelry designers were everywhere. I made a few things I was extremely proud of, only to see something very similar on the table next to me at a local craft fair I had entered. Determined not to give up I tried to notice everything about the people I came across , the accessories they wore, which colors were all the rage , and suddenly it hit me Sports!!!! Everyone has that special team the root for, yet other than license plates and decal stickers for there cars how else do they show the passion they hold for there favorite team? What else unites husbands, wives, children, friends, family, and co-workers? The love of sports. So with the idea planted in my brain my curiosity was sparked and I began to research different possibilities that would appeal to everyone.
Through trial and error, and the encouragement of my oh so patient husband I designed a sports pendant that I fell in love with right away. Now the question was would everyone else love it too. The following morning I decided to wear it to the office, it would be the perfect opportunity to get feed back on this new idea positive and negative. Within minutes of my co-workers started admiring my work and by the end of the day I had orders for twenty four pendants. I was ecstatic to say the least, I returned home and began to crank out my new orders. By the next day I had an order for twelve more. People on the street began to ask me where I had bought it. Right then and there I started to think how I could market these pendants to people I have never met before. I read an article in a fashion magazine about Etsy a place for people that loved to craft to sell there product and decided to give it a try. Seemed easy enough so I opened a shop http://www.stephcann2.etsy.com it is fairly new and I am constantly trying to market and improve myself. I can honestly say I feel very proud of the determination I have put into this dream and the overwhelming support I have received from my wonderful husband, children, friends, and family. I one day hope to design something for the sports fan in your life , and inspire anyone with a dream to pursue it to the best of there ability.

Each team pendant is made by me from a Scrabble © tile (.75"x.83"). The colors will last from game to game and never fade. It is sealed with a hard coat resin, creating a glass like finish. A silver plated bail and/or I-hook secures it nicely. Pendants can include color coordinated crystal beads to add a touch of whimsical fun to this piece. Get your game face on and order yours' today.

Please note: This pendant is water soluble, not resistant. Please remove before showering or swimming. Enjoy!

All pendants can be customized to your favorite team. Contact me on http://www.stephcann2.etsy.com with order specifications.

Coordinate your look with matching accessories such as team spirit ribbon bows or beaded bracelets and matching earrings.

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